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  • Is Visible Recovery affiliated with any of the 12-Step Fellowships?
    At Visible Recovery we firmly believe in the proven power of 12-Step recovery programmes to change the lives of people suffering from addiction and dependency. We are not, however, affiliated with any individual fellowship. We do not claim to speak on behalf of any fellowship or represent the views of the fellowships. We seek to provide a platform upon which 12-Step Fellowships can stand to conduct effective Public Information work, but we do not seek or claim affiliation with them in doing so.
  • Is Visible Recovery funded by the 12-Step Fellowships? Does it provide grants or other funding to them?
    Visible Recovery is entirely financially independent of the 12-Step Fellowships. We are funded by private donations and grants, and do not seek or accept donations from the 12-Step Fellowships. Similarly, we do not provide any funding to the 12-Step Fellowships. We actively seek to ensure that there is no financial relationship of any kind between us and the 12-Step Fellowships.
  • What about the Traditions of the Fellowships?
    We are aware that many of the Fellowships have Traditions that include principles of non-affiliation and non-endorsement, the avoidance of outside issues, and financial independence. We understand and respect the importance of these Traditions and actively seek to conduct our affairs in a way that allows the 12-Step Fellowships to cooperate with us while maintaining full respect for them. Obviously we cannot make decisions regarding the Traditions on behalf of any individual fellowship, but we would happily discuss further with any group that may have concerns about cooperating with us.
  • Wouldn’t appearance at a Recovery Fair constitute implied affiliation between the 12-Step Fellowship and Visible Recovery?
    We do not think so, but again this is a decision for the individual fellowships to make, and to satisfy themselves that they are respecting their own Traditions. Many fellowships have guidance on Public Information work that encourage their members to carry the message of their fellowship in institutions such as hospitals and clinics. We see appearance at a Recovery Fair and engagement with the professionals present as very similar to going into a hospital or prison to talk about recovery: fellowships are able to do this without fear that they will be seen to be endorsing the hospital or prison. Ultimately, we profoundly believe in the spirit of Step 12: we want to carry the joyous news of 12-Step recovery to all those who stand to benefit from it. We believe that recovery should be anonymous, but need not be invisible, and creating visibility of recovery is at the core of our mission.
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