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What is a Recovery Fair?

A Recovery Fair is a collaboration between the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for 12 Step Recovery and a local MP, or group of local MPs. It aims to bring together 12 Step fellowships from across your chosen town/city/area and connect them with the service providers and communities that they do so much to support. 


This gives service providers more insight into 12 Step Recovery and demonstrates how it can help the people that would benefit from it as well as their families and wider society. At this event, we will provide insights, address misconceptions, answer questions and explain how the 12 Step programme works.


We also put on a demonstration 12 Step meeting so attendees can experience first hand what a meeting sounds and feels like.


Reduce demand on local services, particularly the NHS and Police



Increase employment and reduce social problems as individuals recover from addiction


Create vibrant
and healthy



12 Step Recovery Fellowships:

  • Representatives from the 30 different 12 Step Fellowships currently active in the UK (dependant on local Fellowships)

  • They participate by having Public Information and Literature stands

  • They provide information about how the fellowships work in people’s lives to help them recover.

  • They hold a Q&A where the service providers can ask any questions

  • 12 Step Fellowship members will share some of their lived experiences with the room.

  • Representatives from the fellowships will also be available to answer questions in the room.

From the Community:

Visible Recovery will help the Constituency Office to invite local service providers from the five groups below:

  • Health

  • Crime & Justice

  • Education

  • Cultural

  • Employment

Some example of service providers that have been invited to past events are:

  • Universities and Higher Education Colleges

  • High Schools & Sixth Form Colleges

  • Clinical Commissioning Groups

  • NHS including hospitals and GPs

  • Local Public Health Representatives

  • Local Police, Probation and Prisons leadership

  • Local Department for Work & Pensions contacts

  • Significant local employers

  • Local Sporting, Arts, Religious and other Cultural organisations

  • Women’s Refuges

  • Community Advice Centres

  • Local Directories for Help


The event is typically held over the lunchtime period, and we provide lunch.

A sample agenda for an event is set out below:

11:30 AM
Doors open, food and drink available
12:00 PM
Welcome (Hosting MP)
12:15 PM
3x5min chairs from 3 different fellowships
12:30 PM
Multi fellowship Q&A
12:45 PM
Demonstration 12 Step meeting
1:30 PM
12 Step Q&A
1:45 PM
Thanks and close
2:00 PM
Doors close

We asked attendees:

"What part of the event did you find most useful?"

Here is some of the feedback we received:

"I was astonished to learn how many organisations are out there to help people who are struggling”


If you are an MP or know who your local MP is and would like us to help you organise a Recovery Fair in your constituency please get in touch with us.

Thanks for submitting!

If you are an MP or know who your local MP is and would like us to help you organise a Recovery Fair in your constituency please get in touch with us.

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