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We are delighted to share our first annual report as a charity. Please click here or on the image to read a message from our chair of the board of trustees, and for a link to download the report.

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It is well known that addictions in all their various forms have a negative impact on individuals, families, businesses, communities and our wider society.

22.8% of the NHS burden is mental health related

Depression costs British businesses £5.8 Billion every year

Anxiety costs UK businesses £7.7 Billion per annum

Alcohol misuse costs businesses in the UK £6 - £7.3 Billion per annum

About 3 Million more British people began to drink problematically between 2019 - 2021

Illegal drug use costs the UK economy £19 Billion annually

And yet, one free, widely available and proven solution is not currently widely recommended by those who can do so.  

12 Step Recovery Programmes have been proven to work over 80 years of successful informal fellowship

12 Step Recovery Programmes are Free

12 Step Recovery fellowships hold over 7,000 meetings each week in the UK to address 30 different needs  - with no waiting lists

12 Step Recovery fellowships help people do something that they have been unable to do alone

12 Step Recovery programmes offer support for life

12 Step Recovery

  • Increases employment and reduces social problems

  • Reduces demand on local services, including the NHS and Police

  • Creates vibrant and healthy communities

Our Charity

  • Visible Recovery uses its unique position to educate legislators, health professionals, police, criminal justice professionals, academics, teachers, spiritual leaders, cultural organisations and others in the UK who come into contact with suffering addicts.  

  • We believe that while recovery should be anonymous, it need not be invisible.  Amplifying the visibility of recovery is at the core of our mission.

  • Visible Recovery hold Recovery Fairs.  Collaborating with the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for 12 Step Recovery and local MPs, these Recovery Fairs bring together 12 Step Fellowships with the Service Providers and Community Leaders who could recommend this free and proven method of recovery. 

  • Visible Recovery runs Evidence Sessions for Parliament. 

  • Visible Recovery runs Public Information (PI) Events for Health and Education Professionals.

  • Visible Recovery helps to Organise the Activities of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on 12 Step Recovery, which brings together MPs and Peers from all parties to educate and advocate for 12 Step Recovery.  We know that desire for a solution to addiction that benefits UK businesses and the economy is universally important to MPs and Peers. 

  • Visible Recovery Provides a Forum for discussion in Parliament about 12 step programmes and their implementation in public policy.

  • Visible Recovery Reviews the Scientific Evidence for 12 Step Recovery and its advances and uses this to Develop Policy Recommendations for government, based on these findings.

  • Visible Recovery Organises National Celebrations of Recovery services at Westminster. 

Get Involved

Ways to help and get involved with Visible Recovery


Find ways you can donate to Visible Recovery to help us run a Recovery Fair in your constituency.



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Recovery Fair

If you are an MP or know who your local MP is and would like help to organise a Recovery Fair 

Recovery Fairs are a collaboration between Visible Recovery, the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for 12 Step Recovery and the local MP. It brings together 12 Step fellowships and connects them with the service providers and communities they do so much to support.


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