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Visible Recovery's Annual Report: Reflecting on a Successful Year & Future Endeavours

We are delighted today to share Visible Recovery's first annual report with you, highlighting our significant achievements over the past year. As the Chair of the Board of Trustees, I am immensely grateful for the strides we've made in advancing our aims and helping to save lives through the Twelve Step recovery approach.


Visible Recovery Annual Charity Report 2022-2023
Download PDF • 16.42MB


This year has been transformative for Visible Recovery, marked by milestones and groundbreaking initiatives. Our team and our volunteers have worked tirelessly to make society more aware and supportive of the Twelve Step recovery, demonstrating its effectiveness in overcoming addiction and embracing a fulfilling life. Our belief in the transformative power of Twelve Step programmes has driven us to dedicate ourselves to their widespread adoption across organisations and service providers in the UK.


As a charity, we have achieved a great deal thanks to the commitment of our team, volunteers, supporters, and partners. Looking ahead to 2024, our focus will be on working with employers. We plan to expand our educational initiatives, targeting HR and well-being teams within some of the UK's largest employers to continue raising awareness and embedding recovery principles in workplace culture. We are dedicated to innovation, exploring alternative formats for training sessions, including a hybrid approach that blends lived experiences with evidence-based presentations. If you would like to help us in any way with this endeavour, please do get in touch.


Our commitment to being a guiding force in raising awareness and providing a platform for the effectiveness of Twelve Step recovery remains steadfast to address the increasing demand for 12 Step services. If you would like to contribute financially, we are actively seeking additional funding to strengthen and extend our vital work, ensuring we reach more of the many who are still suffering from the multiple facets of addiction. You can donate here or by contacting me directly at


As we embark on the next phase of our journey, fuelled by optimism and a commitment to positive change, we extend our gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our success.





Cian DugganChair of the Board of Trustees


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