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23/05/23 - APPG Evidence Session on ‘Recovery and Employment - "From Cost to Contribution"’

We were delighted to announce that on the 23rd of May at 5 pm, the All Party Parliamentary Group for 12 Step Recovery held an Evidence Session titled "Addiction, Recovery & Employment: from Cost to Contribution."

Recovery from addiction has a significant positive impact on employment in the UK. The 12-step programs supported employment by helping individuals in recovery to maintain sobriety, improve their mental health, build a support network, learn coping skills, address underlying issues, and develop a sense of purpose. These factors positively impact an individual's ability to find and maintain employment and to perform well in their jobs.

We were honoured to confirm the following speakers:

  • Tony Adams, MBE, ex-Arsenal & England captain, joined us to share his wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting addicts and alcoholics back into long-term employment.

  • Dame Carol Black presented evidence from the extensive work that she had published over the years in the field of addiction and recovery.

Dr. Samantha Duggan, secretary of the All Party Parliamentary Group for 12 Steps, moderated the evidence session.

The goals of the evidence session were:

  1. Employers/employees - particularly human resources officers across all sectors - should be made aware of the importance of 12 Step recovery in improving the productivity and well-being of recovering/recovered people.

  2. For our supporters in Parliament, the NHS, police forces, prisons, and academia - to emphasise how 12 Step fellowships had successfully supported recovering people in finding and maintaining employment for many decades.

We were not able to record the evidence session due to restrictions within the House of Lords, but you can download the presentation deck below - "From Cost to Contribution", it contains the key points that Dr Samantha Duggan presented throughout the event, Dame Carol Black's recording and presentation deck and a video from Tony Adams MBE.

Cost to
Download PDF • 4.02MB


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