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Birmingham Recovery Fair hosted by Jess Philips MP

We had a fantastic turnout at our Birmingham Recovery Fair hosted by Jess Phillips MP. Jess is an officer of the APPG for 12 Step Recovery and has first-hand experience living with alcohol and drug-dependent family members. You can hear what Jess has to say about the life-saving 12 Step programs and how they had tried every other avenue of rehabilitation before the 12 Steps saved her brother's life.

We were very grateful to Jess's brother Luke who was a tremendous help in organising the Recivery Fair and getting along local service providers that can make a difference in the communities and signpost more people into 12 Step Recovery.

Jess made a very heartfelt address, and one of the compelling things she said was:

"As someone who has lived in the shadows of someone with addiction, the only thing I have ever seen truly work and allow them (the addict) to recover and allows us (family & friends) to recover is the 12 Step Programmes".

100% of people who did not feel confident recommending 12 Step Recovery to individuals they encounter on a professional basis reported that, after attending a Recovery Fair, they now feel comfortable recommending 12 Step Recovery professionally.

Some quotes from attendees on what they found most helpful:

"The mixture of testimonials and AA meeting made the fair really engaging and informative and created a very understanding and empathetic space."

"Very much enjoyed the live meeting. Seeing the AA group in action and hearing the stories."

"Multi Fellowship Q&A. Demonstration 12 Step meeting and the 12 Step Q&A Stalls. Very eye-opening event."

"Learning more about Al-Anon and the 12 Step meeting."

"Listening to the experiences of all the speakers. Lovely food. Jess Phillips, very inspiring share."

If you want to carry the message of recovery, find more information on our website,, about what a Recovery Fair is. Please get in touch

with us if you know who your local MP is and would like to organise a Recovery


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